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furnace replacement on a budgetIs it time to replace your furnace? If you’re operating on a tight budget – as so many people are right now – you might be worried about your replacement costs. Fortunately, a number of tricks are available to help lower your purchase costs, and even your operating costs as well.

When choosing your furnace, it’s important to consider your long-time costs. It might be worthwhile to pay more for a higher-rated, more energy-efficient furnace, such as one rated by the federal Energy Star program. You will save a great deal over the lifetime of the furnace.

When considering your furnace replacement options, be sure to select a furnace appropriately sized for your home. Many people choose furnaces much bigger, and therefore more expensive, than they actually need. A professional contractor can help you correctly size your furnace, and save you money.

Adding an electronic setback thermostat to your new purchase will also help lower your overall costs. These thermostats are simple to program, and will lower your heating costs by reducing heating during the night or when you are away from your home.

Filter choice is an important consideration, especially if you have someone in your home who suffers from allergies or asthma. Choosing a furnace that uses a pleated paper filter will help reduce allergens in the home. The filter is inexpensive and should only need to be changed every three months or so.

Before completing your furnace replacement, be sure to have the ducts in your home inspected and cleaned. A new furnace may dislodge dirt from your ductwork and force it into your home.

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