Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working? - Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning
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New England summers can be brutally hot with high humidity that makes the air feel heavy and stagnant. The last thing any homeowner wants on these sweltering days is to find that their air conditioning unit is not functioning properly. Your A/C unit can malfunction for several reasons.

If you experience any of the following issues, what should you do?

air conditioning filter1. The Unit Doesn’t Run At All

When you switch on the air conditioning and nothing happens, your first thought may be to replace the unit. However, there are a few steps you can take to check that the unit has broken down. First, make sure the air conditioner is plugged in and that the power source has not failed. A blown fuse or circuit breaker can be repaired for less than a new A/C unit! You should also reset and lower the thermostat about five degrees to make sure the temperature gauge is not faulty.

2. The Unit Doesn’t Cool the House

It can be frustrating when your air conditioner is running, but you do not feel adequately cooled. The first step homeowners can take to remedy this situation is to lower the thermostat. On extremely hot days, our units have to work much harder to keep your home cool. If this does not help, clean the evaporator and air filters to remove any dust that may be blocking the airflow. When these troubleshoots fail, consider a replacement. If you’ve added square footage to your home, the unit could now be an improper size for the space.

3. The Unit Is Noisy When It Runs

Your air conditioner makes a noise when it turns on, but sounds should stop once the unit is running. In the event that you hear any banging, buzzing, clicking or squealing, it’s a telltale sign that the unit is starting to fail. What causes these noises?

  • Banging: Indicates that a part is loose within the unit.
  • Buzzing: Implies that debris within the unit needs to be cleaned.
  • Clicking: Suggests that the thermostat could be failing.
  • Squealing: Hints that the A/C belt may need to be replaced.

4. The Unit Turns On and Off

Lastly, when your air conditioning turns on and off at random, it’s a sign that the unit needs to be cleaned. Homeowners can easily remove and dust off air filters themselves, as well as remove any obstructions in the surrounding area. An HVAC professional can perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of the coils to ensure there are no airflow blockages.

When summer arrives, it is essential to have a properly functioning air conditioning unit for your home. Schedule a service call for air conditioner maintenance through Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning today!