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Having an annual service check performed on your heating/cooling equipment is essential to ensure that your system stays in good repair.  Having your HVAC system checked once per year will save you money over time.  Your equipment will last longer without frequent repairs and perform at top efficiency.

It’s best to have your system inspected prior to hot summer months or the cold winter season.  Many contractors get extremely busy during the peak seasons, which could leave you waiting in line to have your equipment checked or repaired.

By having an annual service check performed, you can avoid many potential problems:

  • Excess humidity.  Too much moisture in the air inside your home can lead to problems.  Mold, mildew, respiratory illnesses and damage to your home can result.  A professional will  check the condensate drain to ensure that it’s free of clogs.
  • Damage and excess wear to components.  During an annual service inspection, a qualified contractor will check all moving parts and lubricate when necessary.  All electrical connections will be tightened and voltage of motors measured to prevent damage and possible safety hazards.
  • Excessive energy consumption.  In order to spend as little as possible to make the air inside your home comfortable, your equipment needs to be in good working order.  Checking the thermostat settings, controls, evaporator, condenser coils, refrigerant levels and blower components will ensure that your system is running at maximum efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Uncomfortable air.  When humidity levels are too high, coils are dirty or blower components are not functioning properly, the air inside your home can feel uncomfortable.  The indoor air may not be as cool as it should be, meaning your system runs for longer than it should, costing you money.

Given these facts, it’s easy to understand why having an annual service check is so important.  Why put it off?

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