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An air conditioner alone is not enough to keep you comfortable all through the summer.  Without dehumidifiers, your air can become clammy and sticky.  But before you pick one up, you need to make sure you get the right one for your house.

A dehumidifier’s capacity is usually measured in pints per 24 hours.  Then the size of the space and pre-existing conditions are taken into consideration.  With these two things in mind, you can use this dehumidifier calculator to figure out what size is best for your house.

The placement of your unit is also important.  You do not want it to be facing walls or furniture because that can decrease its efficiency. You also want to keep it away from sources of dust or dirt like woodworking equipment as small particles can clog the coils and grills.

When the air temperature drops below 65 degrees, the condenser coils on dehumidifiers can freeze.  This prevents it from being able to dehumidify the air at all.  If this happens, turn the unit off and allow the coils to defrost.  If you are dehumidifying a space that is consistently below 65 degrees, you can get a dehumidifier that’s designed for working in areas with lower temperatures.

The energy efficiency of a dehumidifier is measured by its energy factor.  This is calculated by determining the number of liters of water removed per kilowatt of energy consumed.

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