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Residing in Connecticut, you’re fully aware that your air conditioner bears a heavy burden for you during the warm summer months. But as fall approaches, simply turning the unit off isn’t enough to be ready for the cold months. It’s important to prepare for the winter months by winterizing your air conditioning unit. This will help protect it regardless of adverse weather conditions and will extend its use.

To winterize your air conditioner:

  • Use a garden hose to wash the exterior unit. This will remove any dirt, leaves or debris that have collected on the unit. You should also double-check to make sure any plants that grow around the unit are trimmed back.
  • Once the exterior air conditioning unit is dry, use a broom to brush off any remaining dirt or leaves. You don’t want rust to form on the unit’s top or on the condensing coil during the winter months; check carefully to make sure it’s dry.
  • Cover it with a heavy tarp or air conditioner cover. This will work to keep snow out of your unit, preventing rust from forming.
  • Secure the cover with bungee cords. The winds can be very strong during a rough Connecticut winter. The last thing you want is your air conditioner cover blowing away on a particularly windy day.
  • Monitor your cover throughout the winter to make sure it remains secure. You should also check to make sure the cover and unit remain free of condensation.

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