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Air conditioner quality has greatly benefitted from advancements in cooling technology that have led to increasingly more efficient systems. While these systems use energy much more wisely than they used to, homeowners can expect to see corresponding energy savings when investing in them – with a significant return on that investment.

High-efficiency air conditioners are rated according to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which indicates how well a particular system uses electricity during the cooling process. High-efficiency air conditioners start at SEER 16 and peak at SEER 23. The federal government has set minimum SEER ratings for air conditioners at SEER 13; no systems can be manufactured under that rating.

If your A/C system is 10 or more years old, you’d probably benefit from upgrading. By selecting a high-efficiency air conditioner with a SEER 16 rating from a system that is SEER 8, you would virtually cut energy consumption by 50 percent. Over several years, that savings will pay for the investment. Since the typical lifespan for an A/C is between 15 to 20 years, you continue to reap those energy savings long after you’ve paid for the system.

Several features allow high-efficiency air conditioners to cut energy consumption, and you’ll want to look for these when upgrading systems:

  • The government has mandated that manufacturers include the refrigerant R-410A in all new systems. This new refrigerant consumes less energy during the cooling process, and you could also get rebates and/or tax credits for purchasing environmentally friendly A/Cs.
  • Systems designed with compressors that allow dual-stage operation are more efficient at controlling the cooling cycle. They manage the unit’s compressor to allow for longer cycles during milder temperatures and higher speeds only when hot weather demands it.
  • Air conditioners are now available with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM), which enable the condensing fan’s and the blower’s motor to function at variable speeds, and not just one speed, full go.

If you’ve had your eye on high-efficiency air conditioners, you’re on the right track. Contact the professionals at Glasco. Our expert technicians can walk you through the selection process, boosting the return on your investment.

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