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Air leaks can cause major home energy inefficiencies, and if you’ve noticed that your utility bills are rising, the problem could be the result of drafts caused by gaps in your home. These typically occur in two places: the basement and the attic. This happens because hot air rises, and as it does, air gets drawn into your home from the outside, creating what is known as the “chimney effect.”

In essence, the chimney effect is air flow that occurs when hot air escapes through leaks in your attic and is replaced by air seeping in through leaks in the basement. The end result is that you will have to run your furnace harder during heating season and your air conditioner during cooling season, as the air leaks alter the temperature inside your home.

The most common sites for air leaks are in places where piping, wiring, ductwork and ventilation chambers run between floors, and between the interior and exterior of your home. To seal them, you will need caulking and a caulk gun and spray foam. Leaks that are a quarter of an inch in size or less are best sealed with caulking; larger leaks are best sealed with foam. If you’re going to be sealing leaks that are near your furnace, be sure to use a caulking product that is specially formulated for high heat applications.

You should pay special attention to three major areas in your home: the space between your home’s foundation and the sill plating, the house’s rim joists, and anywhere that ducts, wiring or vents create gaps between the levels of your home and its interior and exterior. It may also be worth your while to perform a home energy audit, either on a DIY basis or through a professional service, to identify all areas where air leaks are occurring.

If you need further advice about air leaks, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning. Our professionals will gladly assist you in improving your home’s energy efficiency to help cut down your utility bills.

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