Three Reasons to Schedule A/C Maintenance in Spring - Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning
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After a long winter, one of the first things homeowners want to do come springtime is open the windows and let fresh air indoors. Harsh cold is replaced with crisp breezes and snow melts away to reveal green grass. While you’re enjoying the season change, don’t forget one important task: call Glasco HVAC to schedule maintenance on your air conditioning unit!

Why should you consider A/C care in late winter or early spring?

outdoor air conditioning compressors1. Avoid a Long Waiting List

Although you may not run your air conditioning unit until June, it’s important to get on the maintenance list early! The last thing a homeowner wants is to switch on the A/C during an early summer heatwave and find that the unit has failed from a lack of upkeep. When you call to schedule an inspection during the peak of air conditioning season, your family may be in discomfort for longer than you want to wait.

2. Get Ahead of Any Issues

When your air conditioning unit is serviced regularly, an HVAC technician is more likely to discover issues early on, so you can address them before they become huge problems. Oftentimes, minor damages like a dirty condenser can turn into a malfunctioning condenser when service calls are ignored. Once the problem has escalated to this level, you could be stuck paying exorbitant fees to resolve it that might have been avoided with maintenance.

3. Save Money on Energy Costs

Regular HVAC maintenance keeps your air conditioning unit functioning properly, which can extend its life. The longer your unit lasts, the longer you can wait to purchase a new one! Improved performance can also increase efficiency and reduce your energy costs in the long run, while keeping your family comfortable throughout the warm summer months.

What Can You Do?

In addition to scheduling maintenance, you can help improve the quality of your residential air conditioning by keeping the outside area clear of debris and regularly changing the filters. It’s recommended that homeowners clean or replace their A/C air filters once a month.

Let us help you save money on your energy bills! Contact the professionals at Glasco Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment.