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Is Minimizing Spring Allergy Symptoms A Necessity? Make Getting An Electronic Air Cleaner Your Priority

During springtime in Connecticut, many people experience allergy symptoms from the increase in pollen in the air. Unfortunately, air pollution tends to get trapped indoors, making allergy symptoms even worse. In fact, indoor air is commonly more polluted than outdoor air. One of the best ways to reduce allergy problems is to install an electronic air cleaner to remove particulate matter from your home’s air.

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Maintaining Ideal Relative Humidity All Year Long

As the temperature of the air outside changes with the seasons, relative humidity level changes as well. In the summer, your air conditioner dehumidifies your home, and a separate dehumidifier can be beneficial as well. The opposite is required in the winter when the indoor air becomes bone-dry. Furnaces don’t come with humidifiers, so a whole-house humidifier may be required to keep you comfortable this winter.

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