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Buying A Furnace Online’s One Thing — Installing It Safely And Correctly Is Quite Another

Buying A Furnace Online's One Thing -- Installing It Safely And Correctly Is Quite AnotherBuying a furnace online can be tempting. Online retailers have lower overhead costs and eliminate the middle man, which allows them to offer you a discount on the price you’d pay for the same furnace from most conventional retailers. However, in many cases, these savings are illusory; whatever price discount you might enjoy can quickly evaporate when it comes to shipping and installation costs. Moreover, buying a furnace online means you risk limiting or even invalidating the unit’s factory warranty.

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Red-Tagged Furnace: Smart Decision-Making When You Need To Move Fast

If your furnace receives a red tag during a maintenance call or utility inspection, you’re suddenly facing not only an abrupt loss of residential heating but also a serious threat to the health and lives of everyone in your home. A red-tagged furnace means that an HVAC expert or utility company inspector has found a critical safety problem with the unit, usually a cracked or damaged heat exchanger, and the furnace must be shut down until the damage is repaired or the furnace replaced.

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