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With A Zoning System, Family Members Can Agree To Disagree

With a zoning system, you can end the battle for control over the thermostat. When one programmable thermostat regulates the temperature for your entire home, it can result in areas that are too warm and areas that are too cold. A zoning system enables you to control the temperature for each room or area in your home separately.

With A Zoning System, Family Members Can Agree To DisagreeZoned heating and cooling systems use motorized dampers and thermostats in each defined zone. This system eliminates the hot and cold regions that are common with single thermostat systems because the thermostats work independently of each other. Zoning systems can also cut your energy costs.

It’s not possible to keep your entire home at a consistent temperature with a single thermostat. The lone thermostat can only control the temperatures near the wall where it’s located. That’s fine for other parts of the house with similar conditions and temperature requirements, but homes always have rooms and zones with different requirements and conditions. This is partly because warm air rises, making upstairs areas easier to heat. However, other conditions, such as windows and distance from the cooling and heating appliances also influence temperatures in different rooms and zones. If this weren’t bad enough, a single thermostat can’t take into account different family members’ temperature preferences.

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