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winterWinter can be brutal in Connecticut.

Freezing temperatures are not uncommon during the months of January and February. If your home is not heated properly, you could be looking at very uncomfortable living conditions. Instead of using stoves, expensive space heaters and layers of blankets, contact us for a professional examination of your home’s heating system. We will also provide recommendations for how you can save money and heat your home efficiently with our expert installation services.

We work with a number of heating product options, including Forced Hot Air, Electric, Hydronic and Hydro-Air, and Radiant Heating. Whether you are in the planning stages for a new home or you’re already a homeowner, our expert technicians will map out your space and deliver a heating system recommendation that will fit your budget and keep your family warm all winter. If the existing heating system in your home was not installed by us, don’t worry! We have technicians with years of experience working with all kinds of heating systems who can quickly diagnose a problem and fix it.

Utility costs are on the rise, a trend that will continue. Now is the time to install an energy-efficient home heating system that you can depend on. Call or text us today to get started on a thorough inspection of your home’s heating system and we will offer the best solution for your needs.