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While winter is still a long way off, those cooler days of fall aren’t far away. Now would be a good time to check your boiler’s efficiency.

An inefficient boiler means that you’re burning fuel to send heat up the chimney instead of keeping the warmth inside your house.  If your unit is 80 percent efficient, that means you’re wasting 20 percent of your fuel.  New boilers are much more efficient than the older models, but if you can’t afford a new unit, there are several ways to increase your current boiler’s efficiency.

Stop Sending Heat up the Chimney

If you have an outdated steam boiler, add a vent damper.  A vent damper closes the vent when the boiler isn’t working and keeps heat from escaping up the chimney.  A barometric fuel damper can also keep your heat inside.  According to the federal Department of Energy’s Energy Savers program, this low-cost fix can save you 5 percent on your annual heating bill.

If your boiler is an older hot water boiler, your can save 20 percent on your heating bill by putting in a flame retention burner. The flame retention burner is designed so that the heated air can’t flow through it and up the chimney.   It’s an easy fix for the homeowner who can’t afford a new boiler.

Weather Appropriate Aquastat Settings

Adjust the temperature on your hot water boiler to save money on fuel.  Most boilers operate at 180 degrees.  While this is the perfect temperature for mid-winter heating, it’s wasteful in the spring and fall.

Turn your aquastat down to around 120 degrees during mild weather.  You can also install a modulating aquastat that will automatically adjust boiler temperature when the weather changes.  According to the DOE, these units can save you up to 10 percent on your home heating bill.

Even if you can’t afford a new boiler, you can still increase your energy efficiency and use less heating oil.  Contact Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule boiler maintenance and testing.  We’ll maximize your boiler efficiency and minimize your heating costs.

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