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Buying A Furnace Online's One Thing -- Installing It Safely And Correctly Is Quite AnotherBuying a furnace online can be tempting. Online retailers have lower overhead costs and eliminate the middle man, which allows them to offer you a discount on the price you’d pay for the same furnace from most conventional retailers. However, in many cases, these savings are illusory; whatever price discount you might enjoy can quickly evaporate when it comes to shipping and installation costs. Moreover, buying a furnace online means you risk limiting or even invalidating the unit’s factory warranty.

Given that furnaces are big and bulky, delivery can cost a pretty penny. Even if you still manage to score a deal when you take delivery costs into account, installation poses serious problems. It can be tricky to find an HVAC contractor available for hire on an hourly basis, and many qualified and licensed contractors avoid installing equipment that wasn’t purchased through their stores for legal and consumer protection reasons. You may end up with no choice but to hire an unlicensed amateur or handyman to do the job, or to install the furnace on your own. In both cases, the factory warranty you’ll rely on to cover you if the furnace breaks down or under-performs may be compromised or even nullified because you did not have the equipment professionally installed.

Moreover, having an amateur install the furnace actually increases the likelihood of a mechanical failure or performance issue. Furnaces are complex and delicate pieces of equipment, and installing one correctly requires advanced and specialized knowledge. Most experts agree that buying a furnace online just isn’t worth it in most cases, and that you’d be better and safer to purchase your new heating equipment through a licensed professional retailer who can provide you with proper installation services and a warranty that works.

At Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide customers in Connecticut with quality products at competitive prices. When you purchase heating equipment through us, you will enjoy courteous professional installation performed by a knowledgeable and licensed technician. This protects you, ensuring that your warranty will be honored and your new heating equipment will operate free of defects. To request service, please contact us today.

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