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Regardless of the real-time heating or cooling demands of a home, conventional heat pump compressors work at top capacity, which is really their only speed. This unfortunately causes energy waste and extra wear on parts.

When you’re deciding on a heat pump, you should know your options about these latest advanced features:

  • Two-speed compressors continually adjust their output to meet your heating and cooling needs. This kind of advanced feature of the compressor minimizes wear and tear on parts, maximizes energy efficiency, and sustains comfort in your home.
  • Dual-speed or variable-speed motors installed on indoor and outdoor fans help control air circulation for consistent velocity. They operate with lower noise levels and help you save money. Dual/variable-speed heat pumps perform nicely with zone control systems. Zone control thermostats monitor and maintain different temperatures for different areas in a home by triggering automatic dampers.
  • Back-up burners work alongside standard heat pumps to provide supplemental heat as needed during cold weather. This eliminates cool drafts often felt when standard heat pumps can’t keep up with heating demands in prolonged cold-weather climates like we have in Connecticut.
  • Scroll compressors, in comparison to piston compressors found on standard heat pumps, have a longer life cycle, produce less noise, and have proved to be more efficient by circulating warmer air – up to 15 degrees warmer. That delivers greater home comfort at less expense.
  • Desuperheater is another advanced feature that captures heat lost during the cooling mode of the heat pump. The captured heat is channeled to heat water. According to the official Energy Savers website, desuperheaters can heat water two to three times more efficiently than a standard electric water heater.

When you’re deciding on a heat pump, having knowledge of the best available options is important for your home investment. Making informed decisions will make a difference in energy costs, long-term savings on repairs, and greater home comfort for you and your family. For more information from a certified heating and cooling professional, call Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning– proudly serving Connecticut.

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