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At this time of year, many Connecticut homeowners who are looking for ways to reduce their heating bills are turning to heat pumps – an energy-efficient alternative to conventional furnace heating.

Air-source heat pumps, the most common type on the market today, extract warmth from the outside air to provide heat to a home. They are relatively simple to install, are more energy efficient than furnaces, and can work in reverse as an air conditioning unit in the summer.

If you like the idea of reducing your carbon footprint, an air-source heat pump may be right up your alley. The pump is low maintenance and should last at least 15-20 years. The pump runs on electricity, though it can provide up to four times the amount of energy as it consumes. Even a high-efficiency furnace is doing well when it’s providing 90-95 percent efficiency. This is possible with a heat pump because rather than converting heat from a fuel, it moves heat instead.

As appealing as this may sound, air-source heat pumps tend to lose efficiency during extended periods of below-freezing weather. That’s why many heat pump owners in northern latitudes use dual-fuel or furnace backup systems, so that during cold weather, the more efficient heating can take over.

If you’re considering an air-source heat pump, first ensure that:

  • you have plenty of space outdoors for a unit, which is usually affixed to a wall or placed on the ground. Either way, it will need a large, unobstructed area so that air can move freely around it.
  • your home is fairly well insulated to minimize heat loss.
  • you don’t plan to use a radiator-based heating system, as these require higher water temperatures.

Air-source heat pumps are a good option for both improved energy efficiency and home comfort. But don’t leave such an important decision to just anyone; call the experts at Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.We’ll inspect your home and meet with you to decide if this technology is the right fit for you.

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