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The long siege of cold winter days is not that far off, which can mean that your garage or workshop may be off-limits on those really cold days and nights that characterize Connecticut winters. You don’t have to close up shop just because the mercury drops if you consider efficient heaters for your garage. They can make all the difference in how you spend your time fruitfully and enjoyably, even in the worst of winter.

Space heaters use electricity, kerosene, propane or natural gas. Some are vented, while others rely on a source of fresh air coming into the structure to keep the air oxygen-rich. The advantage of vented garage heaters lies in the fact that you can keep all the doors and windows closed, which creates a warm environment free of drafts.

If you’d rather not vent to the outdoors, the ventless heaters have switches and sensors that control the flow of fuel to the unit, even shutting it down when the oxygen in the room drops.

Choosing the right kind of garage heaters for your workshop or auxiliary, unheated living space depends on the utilities you have available to the structure. Gas heaters are among the least expensive to operate, and most homes in the Northeast have access to natural gas. If you don’t, you still have some workable options.

Lennox offers options for gas or propane garage heaters with designs that leave you plenty of space for working in your garage. The company also offers a heater designed for working in dusty environments like those found in garages and workshops.

If beating the winter blues and staying productive are at the top of your list this winter, contact Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about making your unheated space usable. The home base for Glasco is South Windsor, which makes it convenient for anyone in the Greater Hartford area to use our licensed professionals to learn more about heating that cold space this winter.

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