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Energy loss doesn’t just show up in the form of higher monthly bills. You can feel it. It means your house is hotter in the summers and colder in the winters. When your house isn’t properly insulated, you end up paying more to feel less comfortable. So hit energy loss where it hurts — with insulation upgrades.

The first step to stopping energy loss is to identify the areas where you’re losing the most energy. The first place to start is with the visible problem areas for small leaks. Leaks can appear any number of places:

  • windows
  • doors
  • small holes and cracks in the attic, basement or crawl space

It’s crucial to seal these types of areas. Windows and door leaks are usually easy to feel and can be solved with simple solutions like weather stripping. Tiny holes and cracks can be filled with spray foam or caulk. Generally, these solutions are cost-efficient and have an immediate impact on preventing energy loss.

The next step takes a bit more time and effort, but will dramatically increase energy efficiency — adding insulation. Insulation comes in any number of forms, from foam board to cellulose to fiber glass. Many older houses may not enjoy the benefits of well-insulated walls, and adding insulation to the walls can be an expensive job for the pros. But the number one place your house is losing heat or cooling is the attic — adding insulation to the attic after you’ve sealed leaks is crucial to energy efficiency. Make sure it’s installed properly by having it lay firmly across the entire attic space, but also avoid important ventilation areas.

If you’d like to move on and install insulation throughout the rest of the house, pay attention to the suggested R-value, so as not to compromise combustion safety and indoor air quality values.

Lastly, have a professional check to make sure your ducts are properly sealed.

Contact the professionals at Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning. We will be more than happy to make sure your home HVAC system is helping you stop energy loss — and saving you money.

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