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If you have a dust problem in your house, you’re not alone. Dust is an issue for many households in the greater Hartford Area, and the worst part is that no matter what you do, dust seems to always find its way back. With winter here, these are a few tips to keep your home free of airborne dust during the heating season.

Replace Old Carpets

Old wall-to-wall carpets are dust magnets, and can hold on to more dust than vacuuming can get rid of. Replace these old monsters with hardwood floors, and use smaller area rugs to carpet individual areas.

Mop, Don’t Sweep

Sweeping can clean up a little dust, but mostly it just moves it around and releases it into the air. Clean your floors with a Swiffer-style mop – or just a regular mop – to more effectively remove dust.

Clean, Don’t Dust

Dusting is even worse than sweeping. All it does is take dust that was minding its own business on your shelves and release it into the air you breathe. Dusting actually creates airborne dust. Instead of dusting, use a slightly damp cloth sprayed with a little bit of an all-purpose household cleaner to wipe dust away.

Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly

With cold weather upon us, chances are you’ve been using your furnace more and more. If you haven’t installed a fresh filter in a while, now’s the time. Clean filters trap airborne dust more effectively, so change yours at least once every three months.

Upgrade your Furnace Filter

HEPA filters, pleated filters and electrostatic filters are much better at removing airborne dust than the cheap disposable fiberglass filters that many homeowners use. Look at a filter’s MERV-rating to judge its efficiency.

Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

If your heating ducts haven’t been cleaned in a few years, you might be stunned to discover how much dust is lurking in this hidden area of your home.

To schedule a duct cleaning, or for more information on ways to reduce dust in your Connecticut home, contact Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning.


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