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Most homeowners in the greater Hartford area know the importance of indoor air quality. Good ventilation and regular air filter changes go a long way toward ensuring good air quality, but with UV-lights you can take healthy air to a whole new level.

What are UV-lights?

UV-lights emit ultraviolet rays, like the sun. Ultraviolet rays are very effective at neutralizing harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, spores, pollen and dust mites, by destroying the organism’s DNA. Hospitals and laboratories around the globe have been using UV-light technology for decades to inhibit the spread of disease and allergens.

How do they Work?

A UV-light system can be easily incorporated into existing HVAC systems. The UV rays are entirely contained within the equipment and pose no danger to pets or people. Microorganisms passing through the UV-light are destroyed as air circulates normally through your home’s HVAC systems.

Microorganisms can cause a number of health problems, from mild allergies to life-threatening illness. A UV-light actually disinfects your air, protecting your family from bacteria and viruses. Destruction of pollen, spores and dust mites will ease allergy and asthma symptoms.

Many microorganisms produce unpleasant odors, which will be eliminated with a UV-light system.

Even your HVAC systems will benefit from reduced mold and mildew growth on sensitive components.

What a UV-light won’t do is save you from having to remember to change your air filters. UV-lights are meant to complement air filtration, not replace it, though some models also have air filters built in.

What Kind Should I Get?

UV-lights come in whole-home systems or portable room units. Whole-home systems are more effective and efficient, but a room unit will still benefit someone with sensitive allergies or asthma. The bedroom is the ideal location for a room unit.

Sizes and options vary among whole-home systems. Because each home is as unique as the people living in it, talking to a knowledgeable technician first will help you choose the ideal system. A poorly sized system may not be very effective.

Interested in learning more about a UV-light system for your home? Contact us at Glasco Heating & Air Conditioningso you can breathe easy this cold and flu season.

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