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During springtime in Connecticut, many people experience allergy symptoms from the increase in pollen in the air. Unfortunately, air pollution tends to get trapped indoors, making allergy symptoms even worse. In fact, indoor air is commonly more polluted than outdoor air. One of the best ways to reduce allergy problems is to install an electronic air cleaner to remove particulate matter from your home’s air.

What They Do

Electronic air cleaners work by giving a charge to particles in your home’s air. The charged particles then stick to oppositely-charged surfaces and settle out of the air. Once the particles settle, you are no longer at risk for breathing them in. Some common allergens that electronic air purifiers remove include Pollen, dust, pet dander and mold spores.

The two main types of electronic air purifiers are ionizers and electrostatic precipitators. They both remove particulate matter, but they work differently.


Ionizers release ions into the air, which then attach to allergy-causing particles and give them a charge. The charged particles stick to one anther and surfaces in your home, such as walls, curtains and floors. After the particles settle, you are no longer at risk for inhaling them. You can simply dust your home to remove them completely.

Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators charge particles in your home’s air as they pass through your HVAC ducts. The particles then stick to oppositely charged plates within your air ducts. Some people prefer electrostatic precipitators over ionizers, because the allergens stick to plates in your HVAC ducts rather than settling around your home. However, the charged plates do require occasional cleaning to keep the system working.

Combination Systems

Unfortunately, electronic air cleaners only remove particulate matter from your home’s air; they do not sanitize it or remove germs. If you have allergy symptoms in addition to frequent colds or viruses, consider getting a combined UV light and electronic air cleaner system to remove particulate matter while also sterilizing your home’s air.

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