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What Pops, Clicks And Goes Boom? A Heating System That Needs Your AttentionWhen your heating system is malfunctioning, it’s likely to make unusual noises. Don’t ignore it, or else you might end up without heat at the worst possible time – or worse, a carbon monoxide leak or fire hazard. Here are some common sounds that a furnace might make when something needs to be fixed, cleaned or replaced.

A boom likely means… dirty burners. Carbon and ash can build up on the burners in a heating system, causing the booming sound when gas breaks through the build-up and ignites. You can solve this by calling a professional to clean the burners. Left alone, dirty burners can lead to further damage to the furnace that ends up being more expensive than a professional cleaning.

A series of booms, pops, or rattling sounds may mean… loose metal ducts. When heat travels through the ductwork, the metal expands. If there is something loose, the expansion will result in rattling sounds. Try to find where the sounds originate and call a professional to tighten it. If the sounds travel throughout the ductwork, added insulation might be the answer to your noise problem.

A clicking sound could mean…
excessive build-up on the flame sensor. The flame sensor’s job is to communicate with the heating system about whether the gas is lit or not, so if it’s too dirty to do its job, the heating system will think that the gas is not lit and shut down. You can clean the flame sensor with a sandpaper or emery cloth – just make sure you turn off the heating system and gas first. If the sounds continue, you might need a replacement flame sensor.

Constant squealing and/or grinding probably means… there’s something wrong with the belt. The belt in a heating system works in the same ways as a belt in a car — the belt can make sounds if it’s slipping, if its worn in one spot, or if it’s too tight. A professional can come in and adjust the belt or replace it if necessary. Luckily this isn’t a problem in most modern systems, which operate without belts.

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