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Proper HVAC maintenance is very similar to how we treat our bodies. We sleep to be well rested and eat to keep ourselves energized. To function at our highest potential, it is important to take care of our bodies. The same mentality can be applied to our heating and air conditioning systems. In order to operate at maximum efficiency, the systems need to be regularly serviced. At Glasco HVAC, we believe that if we install a system for you, it is our job to perform maintenance on it for you. We promise to complete the necessary repairs when you sign a maintenance agreement. So, why is it important to schedule service calls?

technician inspecting a water heater Avoid Water Leaks

One of the main reasons why we stress HVAC service calls is to prevent water damage. When left uninspected, certain systems can leak water, causing irreparable damage to the area and belongings around it. A few systems known to leak water due to a lack of maintenance include:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Condensate pumps
  • Condensing furnaces and boilers
  • Humidifiers
  • Water heaters

Avoid a Lack of Efficiency

When dirt and other particulates accumulate in your HVAC system, heat and cool air cannot be released at maximum efficiency. Your system may be working twice as hard to heat or cool your home, which leads to a higher energy bill. Additionally, the air quality will be poor if collected dust is being released into the rooms of your home.

Avoid Sudden Breakdowns

During a heat wave or severe frigidity, the last thing any homeowner wants is for their air conditioning or heat to fail. When regular or seasonal maintenance is ignored, you risk the reliance of your system during a crisis. Delaying an HVAC service call can lead to an unexpected breakdown when a small problem becomes a disaster. When you hear a weird noise or rattling when your system is running, do not hesitate the call us. Addressing an issue as soon as it arises is one way to combat a sudden heating or air conditioning failure.

What Can You Do Before a Service Call?

As a homeowner, there are several steps you can take to help maintain your system in between service calls, including:

  • Changing the air filter in each unit
  • Removing dirt around each unit
  • Keeping shrubbery away from each unit

At Glasco HVAC, we offer maintenance agreements upon installation of our equipment, so you can feel confident that your systems will continue to run smoothly. We also have 24/7 emergency service in case any crises arise. To learn more about our HVAC service calls, contact us today.