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Radiant heat delivers warmth differently than traditional forced-air heating. Cables or tubes installed underneath floors, behind walls or in ceilings gently and quietly radiate heat into rooms. Instead of heating the air in a room, such as in forced-air systems, radiant heating warms the objects in a room. Heated objects then radiate heat by convection into open spaces in the room.

This method of heating your home is highly efficient because heated air is not lost through your ductwork. Improper sealing around duct joints and insufficient duct insulation contribute to heat loss. This heat loss means higher utility bills as you compensate by turning your thermostat higher to stay warm. With radiant heating, warmth is delivered directly without having to travel throughout a home’s duct system.

Radiant efficiency may be the package, but radiant aesthetics is the bow on the package. There are no radiators, registers or returns to mar your interior design appeal. You won’t have to consider furniture arrangement as a component of blocking air vents. Quiet radiant operation eliminates the loud rushing sound of forced air from ductwork.

If you choose radiant floor heating, there will be no more cold floors to greet your feet in the morning. Instead, your toes will stay toasty warm and cozy against heated floors. Although ceramic tile is often the best conductor of heat, almost any floor covering can be used in a radiant system. Even carpet, if it’s chosen correctly and installed properly, is a floor-covering option in some radiant systems.

For its ease of operation, radiant systems are best installed by highly qualified, skilled technicians. Calculations are made based on the type of floors, water heating system and room configurations. Your technician may also need to install a floor thermostat instead of, or in addition to, your wall thermostat. When your system is properly installed, your comfort will increase as your power bills decrease.

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