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zoning systems hartford connecticutEvery house has different heating needs but most homeowners expect the same thing: a consistent temperature throughout their house that matches where they’ve set their thermostat. However, most traditional forced-air systems have a difficult time achieving even this fairly modest goal. Zoning systems are much more tailored to your needs and will give you greater control over the temperature in your house while also giving you the ability to establish several different temperatures throughout.

Your home probably uses a single thermostat. However, this is a flawed system that rarely works in obtaining a steady temperature throughout your house. There are many obstacles that prevent this from happening: architectural features can trap air from flowing to certain parts of your house, windows can allow heat to escape or seep in, and the fact that heat naturally rises will make first floors cooler than upper floors.

Zoning systems work around these obstacles by creating different zones throughout your house. Each zone is controlled by a different thermostat that has a more manageable space to control than the entire house. If a particular zone needs more conditioned air to reach your ideal temperature, it will get it. If you want your whole house to reach the same temperature, you just set all the thermostats to your ideal setting.

This does, however, open the door for a number of new possibilities. If you want the upstairs to be a few degrees cooler, you can do that using the proper thermostats. Family members in different rooms can set the temperature however they like.

These options that zoning provides also allow you to conserve more energy. Zones that are less frequently occupied can be put on energy-efficient modes that send less air there.

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