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Woodbridge HVAC Team

Furnace Repair & Installations

Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning

Glasco offers Woodbridge, CT furnace services and replacements. If you are interested in upgrading to a new, energy efficient unit, we have state-of-the-art furnace makes and models that are environmentally friendly installations. We will come to your residence or business, investigate and identify the problem with hands-on experience. No matter what the problem is we can be relied on to repair when possible or replace the existing system with a modern solution that saves money down the road. We will maximize your comfort and minimize your costs.

Woodbridge Furnace Service and Repair Professionals

Servicing and repairing your Woodbridge furnace is our field of expertise, and you can count on us in a crisis. Professional technicians are available to diagnose and identify problems, ensuring that your existing system is up and running through the winter season. Glasco’s HVAC specialists will troubleshoot, inspect, and clean your unit to prevent impending problems. We research the manufacturer’s specifications and meet them. Our service and repairs can be thought of as a tune up for your home. Energy efficiency, functionality, reducing noise levels, and securing your well-being are our top goals. Glasco will make certain your furnace is operating at peak performance for your peace of mind.

Replacement Furnace Installation in Woodbridge

There comes a time to replace an aging furnace when repair costs are high enough to warrant a new and trustworthy system. Glasco can help you evaluate the maintenance expenses versus the benefits of a modern, energy efficient solution. Our installation experts will help create an option that is cost-effective, efficient, and saves money on fluctuating energy costs. Tax credits and manufacturer rebates will help offset the initial price of a furnace replacement. We’ll create the best decision without breaking your budget.

Why Choose Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning?

Established in 1994, Glasco Heating creates cost effective and stress free solutions for furnace repair and replacement in Woodbridge, Connecticut. We evaluate your unique situation to discover and implement the best possible strategies whether it be repairing or installing units. You can rest assured our client experience is as important to us as heating results. Our equipment and models have the latest technology. Call or text Glasco today at (203) 312-7253 and let us do the rest.

We can provide you with a wide range of Woodbridge HVAC services, including: